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If you believe in our course, please join us.

Our dream is to eradicate all form of violence ahd discrimination against women, we want to influence this sexist societal attitude through public enlightenment programmes and advocating for legislations that protect women.

We believe reengineering the society is a collective responsibility and correcting its ills is a task for all. Therefore join us as strive collectively to make our society safe for our women. .


We need surport from Individuals.

We hereby solisit surport from foundations, donor agencies and corporate organisations that shares in our dream, our dream is to have a safe society for our women and girl child during peace and during crises, a society where rape, sexual abuse, and violence against women is view as extreme evil against humanity. Where women are empower to make a living for themselves and have a voice

We Request for support and Donation from Foundations and Donor agencies.

Without the surpport of donor agencies and corporate organisations, this dream for a better society for our women will be a mirage. We seek assistance of organisation to provide the resources and fund for this organisation to carry out its activities. We can't do it alone, help us to leave our footprint on the sand of time. THANK YOU

We also request for equipments and materials

To enable us have a wide coverage and greater influence accross the country we requested for materials and equipments such as vehicles(cars and buses); projectors, laptops and digital cameras.