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Together we can make the world a better place.

There are four major challenges confronting African women; Poverty, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and High Maternal Mortality. Nigeria is said to be the poverty capital of the world because 80% of Nigerian live bellow poverty level, women are the worst affected. The country is also rated amoung the country with the highest maternal death in the world. Sexual and Domestic violence on women is also very hign in the country .Most of which goes unreported because of stigmatisation of victims. At WoPSAI, our dream is to confront these challenges so that women in Nigeria and Africa are protected at home, protected from sexual abuse during crises and at all times and enjoy safe motherhood, we believe through intense sensitization and enlightenment, we can together change the male chauvinist mindset.

To achieve this laudable goal, we first have to tackle and rid poverty which is the root cause of all these problems. We have three prong approach to elimination of poverty amoung our women. We give training that provide marketable skill and help with basic tools and equipments, secondly we are set to procure a land that can accomodate more than 300 catfish farmers all women and help them with takeoff fund and thirdly we are also providing business management, marketing and accounting skill for those in business and also help them with funding. If African women can be empowered then they will have a voice that will be hard and change the status quo.
our Mission
Sexual violence and wife battering is inhuman, rape and assault on women is degrade humanity, eliminating these menace is our collective responsiblity, our women deserve protection and a safer society to leave in. Women must also be empowered to have a voice and make their contribution to the progress of the nation. They must be politically and economically empowered, this is our mandate and our mission.
Latest Projects
We realised that poverty is the greatest problem confronting African women. A polygamous society where a husdand whose income is low refuses the wife and most times wives the oportunity to work outside the home. For African women to breakforth, they need to be economically empowered. We are set to provide platform and funding for as many women as our resources can achieve in Nigerian. We need assistance from donor agencies and organisations within and outside Africa who believe in our course. We will not stop but still continue to take our enlightenment campaign to schools, markets, motor packs and place of worships to sensitive the people on the need to understand the evil of domestic and sexual violence to the family and the nation. We also visit hospital and maternity centers to teach the expectant mothers on safe motherhood
Our member have written various article on social media to draw the attention of people and governments at various level to the evil effect of poverty on women and children, on domestic violence, death as a result child bearing, rape, sexual assault, sex tracficking etc.
Support us as we need fund to run our programs and campaigns.

Lets Rise and Defend Them

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The first phase of our program is aim at attitutional change, the sexist attitude and societal discrimation against women that usually prompt domestic violent and sexual abuse, we are also enlightening and sensitizing the people on the need to help victims of domestic and sexual assault, we also teach expectant mothers on prevention of avoidable complication during and after childbirth .

About Us

We believe women were created from man's rib near his heart to love her close to his hand to protect her..

It is therefore our responsibility to enlighten the society and advocate for government to make the society safe for them, please join us.